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I totally miss being able to write stuff on a blog, like I have been on for a really, really long time. I went back to look at the first entry to my space on the web, and I actually have two anniversaries: first, I have the one using the code he wrote to post on his server, and that was August 2002. I knew the word blog then, but I didn't think of myself as a blogger, in fact I called my first post a "journal entry". Before then though, I did have a website where I just wrote straight HTML in the editor of my choice (Hot Dog) and that was started in 1997. That's right- more than 10 years on the internet. It makes me shake my head a little to think about how I secretly (ok, guess not so secretly) make fun of the horrific layout of MySpace and the busy-ness of the interface of Facebook but I started out on Geocities, and now here is better reincarnation of the same neighborhood idea that's grown up from Livejournal and has a current form of Vox.

Anyway, even though after I got kicked off of posting on Steven's server I was still posting to the internet- it has been all through photos on my Picasa album and captioning those photos.  I saw though that my "Adventures of Pech 2008" album just for this first half of the year is already at 280 photos (I'm actually going to have to divide my album now by half year- and actually I have uploaded more photos than that online, since I do have other albums, both public and private I have created. I am today at 952 MB Storage used and 72 MB Storage remaining- seriously! And that's not with uploading at the full resolution or all my pics that I've taken!). But I digress, which isn't surprising since I write sort of train-of-thought style. Anyway I realized that its awful to have to keep up with me by looking at an album that has to download that many photos. So here I am, back to real text and just highlighting thumbnails, for your better user experience in being nosy and seeing what I am up to.

Previously this year:

My adventures thus far (Jan-June 2008) 


Visiting Denver the week of June 16

Ringing in the New Year in LA/Hawaii



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