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The Farmer's Market on Saturday is even closer than the Wednesday one- it's on the most south part of the South Park Blocks, so I don't have to go to the other side of the South Park blocks. And, it is many times bigger. At one of the vendors, Tastebud, I had wood fire baked brick oven bagels. I think I showed the picture of the brick oven ported to the market on Wednesday, but on Saturday they didn't have the oven, just the bagels… and they make bagel sandwiches, and pizzas. Although I was tempted by the lamb sandwich with roast leg of lamb, pesto, tomato, and arugula, I knew this was only the first few stands of the market. So, I got just a simple tomato sandwich. The bagel was smoky and chewy. I think this coming Saturday, since I have now walked the whole market and had all the samples, I can go get my lamb! I also won't let F hold onto the raspberry lemon soda because it was all gone before I could even taste it. And he didn't even offer to get me another one! 😦


Another thing I really want to go back to the market for is some bread. I already had purchased a loaf of bread earlier in the week to make peanut butter sandwiches (with crunchy and roasted organic peanut butter of course) and cheese sandwiches for lunch. But, as soon as I finish my loaf, I want some of Dave's Killer Bread! Not only does the guy actually look sorta like the illustration which I think is awesome, but the 21 whole grains bread was really good! I don't think I've had bread that good since high school. I also think the sprouted seed peace bread would be great with a little butter (say my honey pecan or black truffle butter from Zupan's that I got the other day) alongside some wine for a picnic. πŸ˜€


Other great finds was a stand that just had roasted peppers. The roasted peppers were sold in ziploc bags with numbers to indicate how spicy they peppers were… and freshly roasted in what you see below. The bags were still steamy and warm. Along with the rainbow of tomatoes at another stand and a pickle stand, you could come up with quite a cold plate! I did get some of the peppers, which was only $5 for a pound of blackened peppers. It took me 3 days to eat them though since I was eating them by myself and there were only like 5 peppers in it for one person to eat, and one of them was supersize. We passed on the tomatoes and pickle, and I was able to convince myself to not get more greens since I already had asparagus and spinach at home, though they looked great. But I finally was too tempted by the various baked good stands to not get something (I got a cheese and sunflower seed bread which was amazing- the first time I walked around there were like half a dozen, but the second time I circled to make purchases and got the very last one!). F was the one that got us to get the Sol Pop which I had successfully resisted the first time around- I got the basil lemon and he got raspberry nectarine. Mine was better because of the tartness. The cart guy was happy the sun had come out (it was cloudy and cool for quite a while- many people had sweatshirts, sweaters, and coats on), telling us it was easier to sell the pops with sun. πŸ™‚


For dinner that night, I had some of the roasted peppers, since they were so fresh. I also made asparagus which I shook in a ziploc bag with olive oil, and then drizzled with a bit of truffle infused oil and then sprinkled with roasted hazelnuts.  A couple nights later we made our own broccoli pizza on wheat dough. I like the baby broccoli trees. So far, the pizza is the only thing we have eaten together besides the Sol pops.



All that food were really good. I still have a lot of hazelnuts left, but I am going to try to save them for the pancakes. F brought this over to me at the Fred Meyer and we laughed at it… and then I wanted it just to try and see what would happen. He's been mocking me about it ever since, asking when I'm going to make pancakes. I just want to say for the record that he started it though- I don't even know where he got it from and I had probably walked right by it. And I laughed at the pre-made pb&j sandwiches before with him- but I wasn't the fool who lifted it off the shelf and brought it to the cart like he did.


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