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I've heard several good recommendations for Jimmy Mak's, a jazz club in the Pearl district area, and it did look pretty cool when I passed it one night riding the streetcar to Bridgeport Brewery. When I also heard it was smoke-free (most jazz clubs are not since Portland does not have its smoke-free ordinance starting until January), that sealed it as a place I wanted to check out now rather then later. I would definitely go again- I didn't make reservations, which was fine because instead of sitting at a table on the main floor, I was able to sit upstairs in the balcony where they have a row of stools with a small table space jutting from it, which allowed a great view still. The club is actually also a Greek restaurant- I wasn't hungry this time around, but maybe next time I'll sample the food. The only review I would have is that the martinis are better than the margarita.

Last week Saturday, playing were the The Kate Davis Band and The David Friesen Band. I'm actually pretty ignorant of jazz musicians besides Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, and my favorites John Coltrane (in his somber spiritual period before he entered his what I think of "screaming sax" techniques before his passing), Ella Fitzgerald and Ernestine Anderson.  But, from my list of who I do remember, you can see that I overall tend to like the more singer-oriented jazz as opposed to the more lively or the technical execution of jamming styles of musical instruments. I like jazz music to be sad- I like the nostalgic and simple combination of just
live, acoustic music with a good voice that is relaxing,
thought-provoking to all sorts of vein of conversation, and tinged with
a bit of heaviness that is communicated through the very personal style of a voice and just a handful of instruments. As much as possible, somber, emotional, melancholy. Kate Davis fit this preference of mine perfectly- her website includes a few samples that she did perform that night, and she is extremely young but was able to express an amazing amount of maturity and emotional style with her clear voice


Last weekend I also tried the gougeres recipe again, and you can see what a difference not putting in too much butter is. I wish I hadn't snacked on some of the cheese before I grated it though, because this time around I didn't find the gougeres cheesy enough, though they certainly had the right amount of light fluffiness:


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