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Look, the snow followed me from Chicago to Portland… it's even sticking. People seemed confused- no one was driving, the Max line (train) was so cold and buses weren't letting people on because their chains were strained…etc. Heeee. I liked the patio area of Hotel Moderna- if I hadn't been hurrying to brunch at Mother's (a place that honors a new mom each month) I might have sat there like a fool in the snow, pssshing that this is nothing compared to Chicago. Today the city was empty- I hardly saw anyone walking, which I wasn't surprised at what with this flurry snow that no matter whether I was going north or east, or south or west, was always blowing in my face somehow… but no one was driving either.

It really isn't that cold- it's oh, in the early 30s, so at least it's at freezing, but I didn't see any ice, just slushy and fluffy snow. Since it's going to drop to the mid 20s Mon and Tues though, some people are actually going to work from home because of the "ice". They also closed all the schools– good thing, with the whole 3-4 inches on the ground, traffic that extended to a whole hour (oh nooos!), and the arctic chil of temperature below freezing in the 20s!


And… look at this video admonishing a "fast" driver in the snow (within the first minute). Another video offers driving tips for the snow, on the Portland news. Is it wrong to just find this amusing yet cute, just like the message on the car below?


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