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Before I left for my vacation, I decided to let the kitties get a holiday treat. I think it is interesting that the product is Hawaiian themed, but it's made in Thailand… and there's no way that anyone in Thailand actually gives food like this to their cats, if they own them, in Thailand. Dogs and cats there get real people food, either scavenged or given to them. When my mom tried to give the kind of "cleaned up" bones you can buy from stores here to the dogs at my grandma's house, several of them ran away, and only one of the dogs (who had run away from home and lived on the street for a bit before coming back) knew immediately what to do with it.

Similarly, Mew didn't know what to do with this… Lobo ate most of it. He really does like the normal dry cat food I give him though… somehow… better than this.



Posted January 22, 2009 by pechluck in Uncategorized

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