Giant animals sit on Portland restaurants   Leave a comment

For some reason, on my walk today, I came across these three, and took a photo of all three. Now I feel like playing Rampage.

This one I had seen many times since it is by PSU. One day I will eat here at the South Park Seafood Grill.

This one I have also seen many times, and it is pretty well known. In fact, usually you say the name of the restaurant "Greek Cusina" and "purple octopus" together. I can sort of see why it is associated with this restaurant- they do serve marinated octopus, and he seems to be a mascot, along with the color purple, if you examine their website. But the eyebrows really bother me.

This was a new one for me. His name I guess is Jake, of Jake's Grill and Jake's Famous Crawfish. I'm not quite sure what he is- crawfish or crab?


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