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The original plan was to go to Bailey's Taproom for Friday, and then the Spring Beer and Wine Festival on Saturday. I had been ancticipating the Spring Beerfest for a while, but not really for the beer. Instead, it was the Tour de Cheese that excited me, where five cheese companies and Whole Foods knowledgable cheese peeps would spoil me with slivers of cheese. All of this still occured, but as a bonus, I got an email from Saucebox the day before touting their new drink of the season. I couldn't help but add to my plans with a stop at Saucebox after their advertisement.

"Saucebox Innovation brings ETERNAL YOUTH

Introducing the new Saucebox GojiBerry cocktail:
Eternal Youth made with sun-dried, all-natural goji berries from Heaven Mountain in Central Asia. This delicious "super-fruit" is the world's most-powerful anti-aging food, rated #1 on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale. We muddle housemade Goji-ice with kaffir lime infused gin, lilikoi and lime for the perfect drink you can enjoy while treating yourself well. This specialty cocktail is exclusive to Saucebox and is available in limited quantities."

What better way to celebrate a birthday (not mine- mine is April 29, so still a couple weeks away). I grabbed a table when they opened, and started the celebration. Though the drink pictures looks red in the email campaign, it was orange when I received it.

It is an excellent drink, with a refreshing taste, some nice texture with the crushed ice, and packs a nice alcoholic buzz with it, so food was needed if we were going to make it to Bailey's across the street. Hello $1-5 happy hour menu of perfectly crispy and salted frites in a generous bowl, crispy Sweet Potato Spring Rolls with lettuce, cilantro, and sour lime dipping sauce that more than made up for the perfectly cooked but blander rolls, peanut noodles, and the super flavorful pulled pork udon noodle with egg. The amount of fries you get for $1 puts McD to shame, and that udon is perfect drinking food.


And that food was needed, because besides the Kickboxer drink I had last time (with the Thai chile vodka with passionfruit puree and citrus juices, topped with raspberry puree- still a great drink, but shouldn't be had with the pulled pork noodle because it's too much flavor for any tongue to handle without being overwhelmed), we continued the birthday celebration after the Eternal Youth with the ridiculously pretty and fruity pineapple for two. Admittedly, I would never come here and pay full price for entrees here
though- these happy hour prices and offerings are all you need to
accompany the real reason to be here, the drinks!!



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