Waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge   Leave a comment

You can see a lot of waterfalls along the Historic Columbia Highway where you can just drive past them, or pull over (the smarter thing to do I think) and take a short walk (not even long enough to consider a hike- it might be the equivalent of walking from the parking lot into and to the back of a Sam's Club or Costco distance-wise) to a better view.

For instance, there are seven main ones that are essentially in a row in one short area: Bridal Veil, LaTourell, Multnomah,

We were looking for Bridal Veil, but found this instead. You can see from the first picture how cool the road and bridges are.

The view was great from just the street as you can see, and we decided to park and get just a little closer… in fact, you can walk practically right up and get a face full of cold watefall mist.

We backtracked along the road and discovered Bridal Veil could not be seen from the road, but if you park and walk maybe 15 minutes, you would be able to see it. The walk is along a path that is completely paved, and is .75 mi from the parking lot.

This is how easy it is to see Multnomah Falls. These are taken… from the car.

Multnomah is a double tier fall.

The waterfalls we didn't have a chance to see are Horsetail Falls, Wahkeena Falls, and Shepperd's Dell… and these are just the waterfalls with easy walking of less than a mile. There are more waterfalls within short hikes.



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