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That same day I posted pictures out the bedroom window, I drove to the Gorge and drove along the Historic Columbia River Highway. I stopped at…

Women's Forum Overlook

And then followed the highway to Vista Point. Finally! After driving by it so many times, I finally got up there! It's the little building you saw on the right in the shots above…

Since we'd been to Latourell Falls already (as seen in my previous waterfall post), we went on to Shepperds Dell instead.

Same reason for skipping Bridal Veil (also seen in previous waterfall post). Unfortunately Wahkeena, the next waterfall, was packed- there was no parking anywhere. I was annoyed that I had to keep driving on by, but it is a 2 lane historic road, so I couldn't turn around to circle or make the line of cars behind me wait. Needless to say the Multnomah parking lot from this highway was also packed, and I kept driving. We didn't do Oneonta because of time constraints and I didn't have my hiking shoes. The trail here is not paved like the others. But, we did see Horsetail Falls, and hike up to Ponytail Falls to walk behind the waterfall, which was a 1 mile steep hike but worth it.

I'll get you next time Wahkeena and Oneota!


From Album Histroic Columbia River Highway 





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