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Last week, Pearl District had a small festival in celebration of Bastille Day in Jamison Square Park. I did not stay to watch the Waiter's Race though. I did find room to enjoy some frites and watch a chef work on the creation below…


Somehow, we still found room to enjoy some Mediterranean food after the frites (which I literally finished right outside the door) at Madena of the Pearl, and this Saturday we went back for more. The falafal there is fantastic, as is the dolmeh and baba ganooj. The hummus is serviceable, and the labne dip is not bad. This past Saturday having the hummus combined with the tender chicken schawarma turned out ok- the chicken was not very flavorful and didn't mix well with the hummus, and the owner was serving several tables with one arm (and a baby on the other!). I think we will be back again because this is the best Mediterranean we have found so far- though we haven't necessarily done enough investigation to stamp this the best to be had. It's the best so far though.



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