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More photos at wulfspirit server

But just compare the last two photos of the last post with these:

Who would plant a poor tree in a post of a wall- stupid! Not the tree's fault, but it had to go. Also there was a wisteria tree- pretty, but planted to start like a tree and then trained to wrap around electrical cables on the side of the house so it would eventually ruin the house instead of on trellis or arches that we wouldn't be screwed if it decided to break- so the wisteria too had to go, a pity. Never even got to see it in bloom. I guess the intent was to have to growing as an arch by the kitchen door, or maybe go around the porch- but why steel cables specifically for this purpose weren't put in is a mystery. Of course, this is the same house that put the washer/dryer in the basement and expected the water to go uphill and then drain down… We had plumbers in this week to put in pipes so it would be upstairs off the master bedroom instead, but there's still the task of moving the washer/dryer to tackle next weekend perhaps.

In the front of the house, the rhododendrons were cut back. I'm sure the whole thing looked beautiful in the spring, but the amount of growth was unwieldy. 

Also finally revealed! After much ivy and blackberry pulling, the stairs in the back of the house that lead to two mini decks (which are in total disrepair: there used to be a gazebo, bench swing) can now be seen:

View from up there:




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