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I had a sushi dinner on Tuesday night at this place called Mio Sushi. I always pass it on the way home- it's the next stop on the Max line, and I have also seen it in the Pearl, and haven't had sushi in a long time. I ordered the Dynamite- a baked scallop, octopus, giant clam, mushroom, green onion, onion and masago in a special mayo sauce and sweet sauce dish, as well as two rolls and one premium sushi. I didn't even bother photographing the Dynamite because as soon as I saw it, I realized it was a mess. It was more onion then any seafood, and it was just drowned in sauce. I love that sauce, and it was even way too much for me in sickly sweetness. The rolls were ok- the salmon on the Oregon roll (which also had asparagus and crab) was so much better then the roll I would peel it off just to eat it plain sashimi style. The crunchy roll was ok but would have been better if served immediately to show off the crunch. In the back, the premium sushi of eel with special salmon was pretty good, but only two pieces.

My Sammies lunch at 50 Plates fortunately made up for the disappointment. I had a pretty simple lunch ordering off of their Sammies list with fries. The Lil Kahuna Burger of Kobe beef, Canadian bacon, pineapple, and a teriyaki glaze was really good- I saved it for my last bite. I had high hopes for my other sammie of Roscoes, but the crispy fried chicken on a waffle with coffee maple drizzle wasn't crispy at all. The drizzle was more of a glaze and was definitely tasty, but the waffle and chicken needed that crispness of texture. The fries and homemade ketchup were fine sides for the sammies. I finished off with oatmeal creams, hoping for warm soft cookies with the goey marshmellow creme middle… and only the middle was true. The cookies themselves had good taste but were hard.

Still, I'll go again- there were several other things on the menu I wanted to try, including a chicken and fennel mac and cheese, a miami special sandwich with mojo pork and gruyere, and turducken salad. Taste-wise and presentation wise everything was great- though execution was a bit lacking, at least at this lunchtime visit. Maybe it would be different on another visit- I'm willing to give them that chance.



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  1. Wow that chicken and waffle should be really good. Maybe you can make your own? 

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