Welcome to a 3rd runner of our floors   Leave a comment

It is hilarious hearing our cats run on the all wooden floor of the house. You know how in cartoons, sometimes when a character tries to run, they start moving their legs and pumping their arms but they are still in the same place for a few seconds?

That's what it's like for our cats. They can't quite get a grip sometimes on the smooth wooden floor.

They also sound like 4 cats running instead of 2 because there's so much paw thumping as they try to sprint across the floor of one side of the house to another.

A vacuum just doesn't cut it anymore, so we acquired a third runner unit for our floors. Lobo welcomed it immediately. I'll post a video of the lil Roomba and kitties meeting for the first time once I figure out how to edit it…


Posted November 16, 2009 by pechluck in Uncategorized

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