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Besides, Tastebud, one of my favorite booths at the Portland Farmer's Market is the Pine State Biscuit stand. Instead of having to go to the physical location on Southeast Belmont and wait in line, staring at other people who are comfortably seated and enjoying their breakfast/brunch, and then finally getting a chance to be one of the stared, the PSU Farmer's market gives me the food without that stressful atmosphere. There have been times I have waited 20 minutes in line, sure, but other times I walked right up to put in my order.

Their menu at their booth is of course more limited then their restaurant, but it has the most important ingredients (biscuits, gravy, fried chicken) and the historical plus of this is where and how they started out.

When I just want to enjoy the biscuit, I might order it with the pimento cheese spread to give some tang to the creamy softness of the biscuit

When I want to just drink the gravy, I get the biscuits just with gravy. I use a a spoon to scrape my plate clean of this savory richness. Their gravy has lots of chunks of meat and is thick: almost like a meat juice chowder which sounds weird but is outstanding.

When I want to enjoy the chicken, well I get the biscuit with fried chicken egg and cheese. I don't get the Reggie because it has the gravy which I is delicious, but overwhelms the goodness of the crispy chicken and the biscuit. And, it's messy. This is usually what causes the wait in line as you have to sometimes wait for freshly deep fried chicken, but it's worth the 10 minutes. The meat is juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside: perfect each time despite being done in a booth in a questionable looking deep fry bucket that looks like it's got plenty of experience.

All three of these are delicious, just depending on what you want to highlight. Mmmmm.

Unfortunately, this shortcut only works as long as the PSU Farmer's Market is open, which is mid March through mid December. Around this time of year, most people seem to mistakenly think the market is closed, which is when I enjoy no lines, and the warmth of this homey food is even more satisfying in the chilly air.

Shhh, don't tell this secret to too many people!


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