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I'm a fan of Saucebox. Besides being conveniently by F's work downtown, they have a very large menu of types of drinks (arranged by base- vodka? gin? rum? champagne?) and their happy hour menu ranges from choices priced between $1-$5 and is two pages long rather then a handful of offerings that other happy hour menus at other establishments offer, so there is enough to please anyone in the group. The atmosphere is trendy. People rave about the bathroom, but besides the shared sink I don't understand what the big deal is- it's not even enough stalls. There is a restaurant portion too, but I would only recommend kicking it at happy hour.

Below photos are from multiple visits, not one, don't worry about my liver…

Take a peek at some of their menu- here's a vodka sampling. My favorite is the Kickboxer, but I'm a lover of the spicy.

Food: vegetarian sushi, spicy pulled pork udon with egg, $2 fries…


Pork Sarong, which is two meatballs with deep-fried noodles and a tamarind dipping sauce, was ok, but for that same $3 you would be better off with the Crispy Sweet Potato Spring Rolls with lettuce, cilantro, and sour lime dipping sauce. The spring roll is cooked perfectly but a bit bland, but the sour lime dipping sauce made up for it with its burst of flavor. The pulled pork noodles also are a better choice then the peanut noodles: both are slippery and as you eat them with chopsticks (and are drinking), it becomes a whole meal because it takes so long to eat.

The mix of champagne OJ and their house infused chili vodka in the Bubble Bobbler was smooth but with a lil bite at the end, which was interesting. The Love Drop with Raspberry vodka, raspberry puree, lemon lime and cranberry juice was as sweet and fruity as it sounds, a super girly and pretty drink and that pretty much sums that one up.

The Kickboxer, Thai chile vodka with passionfruit puree and citrus juices, topped with raspberry puree. Yum! You get a mouthful of fruitiness, followed by a kick from the chili at the end

A special drink one visit, a GojiBerry cocktail "Eternal Youth made with sun-dried, all-natural goji berries from Heaven Mountain in Central Asia"

The shared pineapple drink (which I drink by myself. I'm greedy. It packs a good punch too, ha ha…)


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