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McGrath's Fish house in Beaverton for a lunch started with Strawberry Lemonade and a Pear, Bleu Cheese and Walnut salad. The crispy fried yams on top I wasn't expected was a welcome addition. Next time, reminder to self- ask to have the dressing on the side. The rolls were also served warm, yay- it's always a thoughtful touch. Usually you get a garden salad, but I had a craving for the pear and walnuts so upgraded for a few extra dollars.

I ordered red potatoes to go with my cod parmesan. During dinner apparently it is halibut instead- which would go better with this parmesan coating. The veggies are roasted and then sauteed in olive oil. Another option is the wood fired seafood with the standard mixed veggies and your choice of one additional side- in this case, rice pilaf.

For $10, having this dish with a garden salad is a pretty good lunch deal.

I was really tempted to get another dish- the hazelnut dover sole rolled in crushed hazelnut, grilled and topped with Lemon Dill Sauce. Maybe next time. Although I know how bad Red Lobster is (how many calories in just one cheddar biscuit!), them continually running commercials during primetime TV is really making me crave seafood lately.



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