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As a followup of my other post, here's some food pron of other great cheese sandwiches, which is why Paragon's didn't make the top cut…

RIP Dreamer's Cafe vegetarian cart incredible pan fried cheese sandwich. Actually, the veggies varied depending on what he had on hand, so I've also had overly greasy/not balanced versions of this, but this first time I had it was grossly good. I mean, just look at it.

Tabor's muenster cheese is SUPER cheese as you can see. I love how it's swaddled so lovingly.

The original Grilled Cheese offered by Orange in Chicago (since has been re-worked):  roasted tomato slices, aged Cheddar cheese and caramelized onions on multigrain bread with the house potatoes. Gooey and delicious and I never got tired of it for several years it was a brunch staple. Notice the key execution needed here: browned burned crispy cheese edges.

And also here, at (back to Portland OR), the grilled cheese is surrounded by frico at the edges in Savor's execution of their grilled cheese bar.


I am anxiously awaiting a day to visit the Grilled Cheese Grill– look at all the possibilities! Even Rachel Ray knows that grilled cheese has many dreamily perfect possibilities in this grilled cheese highlights of the USA. After you've had a grown up grilled cheese, American cheese or any cheese that disappears in the middle just gets a passing grade, no matter how good the rest of the ingredients. 



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