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One of my friends told me about this cart called Parkers Waffles and Coffee, and I had remembered seeing it by the Budget that I go to (I don't own a car and sometimes when I need a car for a whole day, it makes more sense to go to Budget then use a Zipcar) down by the cart pods at 4th and Hall, just on the other side of PSU. I had a laptop meltdown at work, so I took my time getting into work today since it was at the help desk shop and rewarded myself with a lunch at this cart I would otherwise never get to (it has breakfast and lunch hours, closing at 2).

This is not the first waffle with something I have eaten- I've been to Roscoe's in LA a couple times. But, this is different then the chicken and waffles thing. Here, a hot mess of your choice is grilled up and then a soft fresh waffle brushed with maple butter (optional) becomes the tortilla for essentially your giant waffle "soft taco". This first try (because there will be others), I went for a breakfast feel with two eggs scrambled with ham, onions, mushrooms and Gruyere.

The insides were hot and gooey fresh ingredients, and the waffle was tasty just like a fresh hot tortilla would be to a taco- it added a bit of firmness and flavor but not overwhelming the guts of the ingredients inside- it was a great frame that kept the insides pretty well put together (better then a tortilla would). It looks like it would be messier then a taco, but it is wrapped carefully and firmly by foil and paper by the food cart chef with a smile, and it was so good that I greedily ate the whole thing while walking 5 blocks towards the Max and it was gone. Sometimes, it's these simple things that are just so hearty and good that fill you with happiness. Grilled cheese, tacos, garlic fried rice- basic stuff that can be thrown together quickly and is like a palate and tummy hug.


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