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In my eyes, it was a disappointing dinner at Paragon Restaurant– lunch had shown promise although there were some questionable base ingredients chosen to be included in the dishes, but the preparation of the dishes was fine. Dinner however had the same problem as lunch, but now with execution problems. My lamb was not really medium rare, and the accompanying parsnip puree too sweet the rainbow chard salty and the meyer lemon and mint undetectable. The seared ricotta gnocchi with roasted acorn squash, hazelnuts, and arugula salad was overcooked and overly creamy, with no balance offered by the greens or the squash it just melted together into mush. The side of the caramelized brussel sprouts and butternut squash was serviceable but the portion for $5 smaller then what you would get at a nice steak restaurant. I can't comment specifically on the mini ahi tuna tacos (described with raw yellowfin tuna, taro root tacos, avocado wasabi aioli and shredded cabbage), but the person who ordered it thought the brussels sprouts side was the better dish.

The cocktails were still just as good as during lunch at least, so at least the bar is consistent. It looks like Paragon has some consistency problems in the kitchen which make the menu a hit or miss, no matter how big and comfy the booths or friendly the servers.


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