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Limo's food and presentation is as good as Andina (one of my favorite restaurants in Portland – I was transported my first visit during a lunch, second time was a crowded dinner and was nothing special but still remembering that glow from my first time I still list it as a favorite for now).

But, atmosphere much more intimate and the entire feel is family owned and personal rather then the trendy hip vibe. I loved, loved every appetizer dish we had. It has achieved the same happy memory glow that Andina did.

I started out with a ceviche of limo cream sauce mix with fresh fish. What I really liked was not only the acidic heat toned down with a touch of cream, but that the chunks of fish were chunky like mini sashimi and fresh. I won't be able to come here without ordering a ceviche, ever, thanks to this experience. I especially look forward to this during the summer.

Another tapas like appetizer was the "Golden potatoes w/trio of sauces". The three sauces were Huancaina, Ocopa(black mint and Peanut)
and Anticucho cream sauce. Soooo good. I was wiping every last bit of all three sauces off, it was a great mix of spicy, savory, and cheesy, and the potatoes were crisp on the edges and doughy inside to better absorb the incredible sauces.

The final piqueo was Pastel de Choclo, a cute lil savory corn pudding made with Aji Amarillo filled with
Beef stew or goat cheese- I had mine with goat cheese- and then torched on top for a bit of a creme brulee texture. It is served just at the right size to compliment some of the heat in other dishes.

I can't wait to come here and order some of the entree sized dishes. I'm one of their Facebook Fans, and every Sun and Wed in January and February, they have dedicated 25% of their sales to go to the Red Cross to help victims of the Haitian earthquake- so I want to go back in the next few weeks!


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