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I heard about this cute little cart called Zita's Pita from
Fearless Critic. As they explained, the pita that Zita offers is not
the Greek gyro-like pita at all, but a Bosnian pita: hand-stretched
dough into sheets and brushed with butter (phyllo dough), and then
filled with ingredients such as ground beef or spinach or zucchini and
cheese  layered almost like filled square puff pastry. This is what
drew me to it, as I hadn't had anything like this before, and without
that detail I probably would have, probably like other people, kept
thinking it was something in pita bread.

I remember when I finally got to the cart, it was during the first
snowfall of 2009 (a few months ago). I just never had a chance to share
the photos. By the time I got there it was late into the lunch hour, so
I think the food wasn't as fresh. At least, the spinach wasn't.
Fearless Critic had recommended the simple cheese one (Sirnica), but I
went for the Zeljanica, a mix of  eggs, spinach, cottage cheese, and
sour cream. But, the doughy pita and the sauce were great. This is
pretty heavy food even though the taste is light, so I recommend
sharing the pretty generous portion in the full plate, which you'll
want since that also adds the ajvar (really balances the light flavor)
and sour cream-cucumber salad to your order. The lightness of the
pastry, the ajvar, and get the cheese! Or perhaps I just had an unlucky
spinach batch.

Vendr's coverage of Ziba's


Ziba's Pita and its motherly proprietor came to mind because I
looked at my calendar and I'm excited… because this Saturday is the Willamette Week's Eat Mobile Portland Food Cart Festival.
They'll be offering samplings from 30 carts, including one I have been
hankering ever since I first saw it: Potato Champion. I'll be there
ready to burst through the gates when they open, I hope! This is
appropriate since the best food I had during my Asia trip was from food
carts too- and I am sure that this coming Saturday will offer a
wonderfully tasty and varied experience. And yes- Ziba's Pita will be there.


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