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I've never attended any of the cooking classes, but I was invited by a friend for a ladies dinner at Caprial+John's Supper Club on July 15th. Because of the hot weather and a circumstance at their usual kitchen location, they held it at their own home in their backyard. This turned out beautifully, as we enjoyed the summer evening with a slight breeze and the mosquitoes somehow knew to hold off until dinner was already over.

The "Yeah It's Summer" menu that night started off with a corn and tomatillo soup with crispy cheesy polenta croutons and candied bacon. Evidence of the homemade preparation were the corn cobs their chickens were now pecking at nearby. This was a great starter, particularly the crispy cheesy polenta croutons that offered texture but also melted inside your mouth. Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of the homemade bread

The main course was served family style, and included peppered and brined N.Y. steak, crispy smashed yukon gold potatoes with roasted garlic, and oven roasted green beans with caesar dressing.

Yeah, the steak was seriously thick cut!

Dessert was a white and black chocolate cake with raspberry compote to leave us on a happy note from the richness.

The event was BYOB with no corking fee, so everyone in our group brought a bottle or two of wine to share, so there there was plenty of nectar flowing to accompany the meal. What a great summer dinner!


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