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The only picture of me at the cheese party, sadly. In the mirror… as we were setting up with guests arriving.

Table filling up with cheese… the goat cheese we made is out in the front in this photo, and you can spread it on a baguette and top with basil/mint/sage and/or pinot noir jam and/or honey balsamic vinegar. Most of the wines for the evening were reds, though some beer also got thrown into the mix later.

There are actually two more side tables of cheese items not in this photo that included blackberries, the parmesan romano rice, slice granny smith apples, and chips with homemade cheese salsa, but this was the main spread that everyone revolved around.
Other cheeses that were added to the chevre (topped with mint/basil/sage and/or honey vinaigrette and/or pinot noir jam), Willamette Valley Farmstead Brindisi, and Pecorino E Tartufo Rusti that I had planned included Chaubier, Feta, Humboldt Fog, Cave Aged Swiss Grueyere, and Queso Del Invierno.  


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