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Every time I hear Adam Hurst at the Portland Farmer's market on Saturday, I am always struck by how haunting his music is. I've always liked cello, though I've only had one CD of solo cello music… until Adam last year. Today was my first time at this year's PSU farmer's market, though I was on my way back from a dentist appointment so I had no backpack and was limited on what I could carry back. However, I was able to hear Adam again, and he is playing a concert not very far way at all from my home (walkable without public transit even!) to celebrate the release of a new CD he has put together. Of course I have to support someone who is willing to lug around such a huge instrument, I can feel his pain.

Not to mention, I like his music- I'm not a big CD fan, usually I buy music individually, but I didn't bat an eye at purchasing his entire CD. His music style is generally somber music like you would expect to hear in the quiet moonlight campground of nomadic peoples, thoughtful and timeless. He'll be playing at the Old Church at

The Old Church
1422 S.W. 11th Ave.
Portland, OR 97201

 on April 22 from 7:30

Adam Hurst Youtube Video

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